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The P-38 Lightning was one of the more successful planes of World War Two.  Designed
by Lockheed, the P-38 was a fast and manouvrable plane that could be used in a wide
range of roles.

The pilot and the P38's armaments were in the central nacelle. The plane had two booms
with the engines mounted on them. Powered by two Allison V-1710 engines, the P-38 had a
maximum speed of 414 mph and a combat range of 1,100 miles. It could fly at a maximum of
44,000 feet. The first P-38's delivered to the USSAF in 1941 were armed with four Browning
.50 machine guns in the nose of the plane which were spaced around a Oldsmobile 37mm

The first combat P-38's were produced in October 1941 and first flew in combat in April
1942. They were armed with four .50 machine guns and a 20mm Hispano cannon which
was considered to be more reliable than the Oldsmobile.

The P-38 had numerous variants and saw service in the Far East, North Africa and Europe.
It was a maneuverable plane that could fly well at both low and high altitude and had an
excellent rate of climb. Another virtue was the long range that the plane had which made it
ideal for the Pacific War. In Western Europe, the P-38 was used to escort bombers on their
raids into occupied Europe.

In April 1943, America's intelligence decoded a Japanese message that informed them that
Admiral Yamamoto was going to visit the northern Solomon Islands on April 18th.
Yamamoto was still considered to be a major figure in the Pacific War and the decision was
taken to kill him. Sixteen P-38 Lightning fighters from 339th Fighter Squadron were ordered
to intercept and shoot down Yamamoto's plane. They intercepted two G4M 'Betty' bombers
escorted by six Zero fighter planes. Both 'Betty' bombers were shot down and Yamamoto
was killed.

By the end of the war, over 10,000 P-38 Lightning's had been built in a variety of versions,
ranging from fighter, to bomber escort, to photo reconnaissance to night fighter.
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